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  • 寝たかった 【ねたかった】
    Compound word: 寝 + たかった
    寝 【ね】
    [v1] Continuative (~i)
    寝る 【ねる】
    1. [v1,vi] to sleep (lying down)
    2. [v1,vi] to go to bed; to lie in bed
    3. [v1,vi] to lie down
    4. [v1,vi] to sleep (with someone, i.e. have intercourse)
    5. [v1,vi] to lie flat (e.g. of hair)
    6. [v1,vi] to lie idle (of funds, stock, etc.)
    7. [vi,v1] to ferment (of soy sauce, miso, etc.)
    [want to... / would like to...]
    [adj-i] Past (~ta)