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ore ni kanau yatsu wa inai!

  • おれ
    1. [pn] note I; me
    omitted: 5
    1. [prt] at (place, time); in; on; during
    2. [prt] to (direction, state); toward; into
    3. [prt] for (purpose)
    4. [prt] because of (reason); for; with
    5. [prt] by; from
    6. [prt] as (i.e. in the role of)
    7. [prt] per; in; for; a (e.g. "once a month")
    8. [prt] and; in addition to
    9. [prt] if; although
    omitted: 8
  • かなう
    1. [v5u] note to come true (of a wish, prayer, etc.); to be realized; to be fulfilled
    2. [v5u] note to suit (e.g. a purpose); to meet (wishes, ideals, etc.); to conform to (standards, rules, etc.); to be consistent with
    3. [v5u] note to match (implies competition); to rival; to bear (e.g. the heat)
  • 奴 【やつ】
    1. [n] note fellow; guy; chap
    2. [n] thing; object
    3. [pn] note he; she; him; her
    omitted: 3
    1. [prt] note indicates sentence topic
    2. [prt] indicates contrast with another option (stated or unstated)
    3. [prt] adds emphasis
    omitted: 10
  • いない
    [v1] Non-past Negative
    居る 【いる】
    1. [v1,vi] to be (of animate objects); to exist
    2. [v1,vi] to stay
    3. [v1,aux-v] note to be ...-ing; to have been ...-ing
    omitted: 6