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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What are the current limitations of ichi.moe?

Q: Where do the definitions come from? What to do about incorrect definitions?

The definitions are taken from JMdict project. You can try to submit/edit definitions at JMdictDB, maybe eventually they'll be accepted and imported back into ichi.moe.

Q: This segmentation makes no sense, how can I improve it?

You can add spaces into the sentence to aid the segmentation. You can also select one of the 5 best segmentations that ichi.moe came up with by clicking on the parts of the original query.

Q: How can I report incorrect segmentation?

You can send an email to admin or raise an issue on Github.

Technical questions

Q: What is the algorithm behind ichi.moe?

Ichi.moe is using the open-source algorithm called Ichiran. It is written in pure Common Lisp. Contributions are welcome.

Q: Is the site itself open-source? What is it implemented in?

The site is not open-source, but it's pretty trivial. It's also mostly implemented in Common Lisp. If you want to help with the web design, please contact me.

Q: I got a "rebuilding suffixes" warning. What does it mean?

It means either the server just got restarted, or suffix definitions got updated. For performance reasons a cache of all possible suffixes needs to be maintained. While this is happening the quality of results might not be optimal.