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  • 持ってない 【もってない】
    Compound word: 持って + いない
    持って 【もって】
    [v5t] Conjunctive (~te)
    持つ 【もつ】
    1. [v5t,vt] to hold (in one's hand); to take; to carry
    2. [v5t,vt] to possess; to have; to own
    3. [v5t,vt] to maintain; to keep
    4. [v5t,vt] to last; to be durable; to keep; to survive
    5. [v5t,vt] to take charge of; to be in charge of
    6. [v5t,vt] to hold (meeting, etc.); to have (opportunity, etc.)
    7. [v5t] note to have "it"; to have that special something; to be blessed with good luck
    [indicates continuing action (to be ...ing)]
    [v1] Non-past Negative
    居る 【いる】