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shiranai hito ni tsuiteitcha dame da

  • 知らない 【しらない】
    [v5r] Non-past Negative
    知る 【しる】
    1. [v5r,vt] to know; to be aware (of); to be conscious (of); to learn (of); to find out; to discover
    2. [v5r,vt] to sense; to feel; to notice; to realize
    3. [v5r,vt] to understand; to comprehend; to grasp; to appreciate
    4. [v5r,vt] to remember; to be familiar with; to be acquainted with
    5. [v5r,vt] to experience; to go through; to know (e.g. hardship)
    6. [v5r,vt] to get acquainted with (a person); to get to know
    7. [v5r,vt] note to have to do with; to be concerned with; to be one's concern; to be one's responsibility
    omitted: 1
  • 人 【ひと】
    1. [n] person; someone; somebody
    2. [n] human beings; mankind; man; people; humans
    3. [n] note human (Homo sapiens)
    4. [n] (other) people; others
    5. [n] character; personality; nature
    6. [n] capable person; competent person; suitable person; right person
    7. [n] adult; grown-up
    8. [n] note I; me; one
    omitted: 3
    1. [prt] at (place, time); in; on; during
    2. [prt] to (direction, state); toward; into
    3. [prt] for (purpose)
    4. [prt] because of (reason); for; with
    5. [prt] by; from
    6. [prt] as (i.e. in the role of)
    7. [prt] per; in; for; a (e.g. "once a month")
    8. [prt] and; in addition to
    9. [prt] if; although
    omitted: 8
  • ついていっちゃ
    Compound word: ついていって + は
    [v5k-s] Conjunctive (~te)
    ついて行く 【ついていく】
    1. [v5k-s] to accompany; to follow; to keep up with
    [topic marker particle]
    omitted: 9
  • だめ
    1. [adj-na,n] no good; not serving its purpose; useless; broken
    2. [adj-na,n] hopeless; wasted; in vain; purposeless
    3. [adj-na,n] cannot; must not; not allowed
    4. [n] neutral point (in go); intersection owned by neither player at the end of a game
    1. [cop-da,cop] note be; is
    2. [aux-v] note did; (have) done
    3. [aux-v] note please; do
    omitted: 4