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  • 行けない 【いけない】
    [v5k-s] Potential Negative
    行く 【いく】
    1. [v5k-s,vi] to go; to move (in a direction or towards a specific location); to head (towards); to be transported (towards); to reach
    2. [v5k-s,vi] note to proceed; to take place
    3. [v5k-s,vi] to pass through; to come and go
    4. [v5k-s,vi] to walk
    5. [v5k-s,vi] to do (in a specific way)
    6. [v5k-s,vi] to stream; to flow
    7. [v5k-s,aux-v] note to continue
    8. [v5k-s,vi] to have an orgasm; to come; to cum
    9. [vi,v5k-s] to trip; to get high; to have a drug-induced hallucination
    omitted: 1