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ashimoto ga orusuninatteta yo!

  • 足もと 【あしもと】
    1. [n,adj-no] at one's feet; underfoot; one's step (as in "watch your step")
    2. [n] gait; pace; step
    3. [adj-no] most recent; current
    1. [prt] indicates sentence subject (occasionally object)
    2. [prt] indicates possessive (esp. in literary expressions)
    3. [conj] but; however; still; and
    4. [conj] note regardless of; whether (or not)
    omitted: 6
  • おるすになってた
    Compound word: おるすになって + いた
    [v5r] Conjunctive (~te)
    お留守になる 【おるすになる】
    1. [v5r,exp] to fail to be attentive to
    [indicates continuing action (to be ...ing)]
    [v1] Past (~ta)
    居る 【いる】
    1. [prt] note hey; you
    2. [prt] note hey
    3. [prt] note hey; hold on
    4. [int] yo; hey
    omitted: 8