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(score: 11) #2028980

  1. [prt] note at; in
  2. [prt] note at; when
  3. [prt] note by; with
  4. [conj] and then; so
  5. [aux] note and; then
  6. [prt] note let me tell you; don't you know
[cop] Conjunctive (~te)
  1. [cop-da,cop] note be; is

(score: 3) #1896380

  1. [n,n-suf] coming out; going out; outflow; efflux; rising (of the Sun or the Moon)
  2. [n,n-suf] attending (work); appearing (on stage); one's turn to go on
  3. [n,n-suf] start; beginning
  4. [n,n-suf] origins; background; person (or item) originating from ...; graduate of ...; native of ...; member of ... (lineage)
  5. [n,n-suf] architectural member that projects outward
  6. [n,n-suf] highest point of the stern of a ship
  7. [n,n-suf] note amount (comprising something); amount of time or effort required to do something
[v1] Continuative (~i)
出る 【でる】
  1. [v1,vi] to leave; to exit; to go out; to come out; to get out
  2. [v1,vi] to leave (on a journey); to depart; to start out; to set out
  3. [v1,vi] to move forward
  4. [v1,vi] to come to; to get to; to lead to; to reach
  5. [v1,vi] to appear; to come out; to emerge; to surface; to come forth; to turn up; to be found; to be detected; to be discovered; to be exposed; to show; to be exhibited; to be on display
  6. [v1,vi] to appear (in print); to be published; to be announced; to be issued; to be listed; to come out
  7. [v1,vi] to attend; to participate; to take part; to enter (an event); to play in; to perform
  8. [v1,vi] to be stated; to be expressed; to come up; to be brought up; to be raised
  9. [v1,vi] to sell
  10. [v1,vi] to exceed; to go over
  11. [v1,vi] to stick out; to protrude
  12. [v1,vi] to break out; to occur; to start; to originate
  13. [v1,vi] to be produced
  14. [v1,vi] to come from; to be derived from
  15. [v1,vi] to be given; to get; to receive; to be offered; to be provided; to be presented; to be submitted; to be handed in; to be turned in; to be paid
  16. [v1,vi] to answer (phone, door, etc.); to get
  17. [v1,vi] to assume (an attitude); to act; to behave
  18. [v1,vi] to pick up (speed, etc.); to gain
  19. [v1,vi] to flow (e.g. tears); to run; to bleed
  20. [v1,vi] to graduate
  21. [vi,v1] to ejaculate; to cum

(score: 1) #2844355

  1. [conj,aux] note without doing ...

(score: 0) #10055608

[v1] Continuative (~i)
  1. [v1,aux-v] note to be ...-ing; to have been ...-ing