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eki no zen/mae de aimashō

  • 駅 【えき】
    1. [n] railway station; train station
    2. [n] staging post on a highway (in pre-modern Japan)
    3. [ctr] counter for railway stations and bus stations
    1. [prt] note indicates possessive
    2. [prt] nominalizes verbs and adjectives
    3. [prt] substitutes for "ga" in subordinate phrases
    4. [prt] note (at sentence-end, falling tone) indicates a confident conclusion
    5. [prt] (at sentence-end) indicates emotional emphasis
    6. [prt] (at sentence-end, rising tone) indicates question
    omitted: 4
  • 1. 前 【ぜん】
    1. [n-pref] the last (i.e. immediately preceding) (e.g. "the last mayor"); previous; one-time; former
    2. [n-pref] note pre- (e.g. "premodern")
    3. [n] before; earlier
    2. 前 【まえ】
    1. [n,suf] in front (of); before (e.g. the house)
    2. [n-adv,n-t,suf] ago; before; previously; prior; (minutes) to (the hour)
    3. [n] front (of something); head (e.g. of a line); fore part
    4. [adj-no] front (e.g. seat); previous (e.g. entry in a list); prior; former
    5. [n] (in the) presence (of); in front (of someone)
    6. [n-adv] forward; ahead
    7. [suf] note helping; portion
    8. [n] front of the body
    9. [n] privates; private parts
    omitted: 1
    1. [prt] note at; in
    2. [prt] note at; when
    3. [prt] note by; with
    4. [conj] and then; so
    5. [aux] note and; then
    6. [prt] note let me tell you; don't you know
    [cop] Conjunctive (~te)
    1. [cop-da,cop] note be; is
    omitted: 3
  • 会いましょう 【あいましょう】
    [v5u] Volitional Formal
    会う 【あう】
    1. [v5u,vi] note to meet; to encounter; to see
    2. [v5u,vi] note to have an accident; to have a bad experience